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Sycamore Worship

We take spirit filled worship seriously. At Sycamore worship, worship is a way of life.

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We take people on a life-long journey of spiritual growth. We achieve this via Sycamore Fresh Life, School of Purpose (SOP), A levels, School of Leadership.

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Sycamore Kids

We painstakenly pay attention to Sycamore Kids as they form the projected future we hope for. Sycamore Kids are an integral part of the ministry.

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Sycamore Media

Sycamore Media takes advantage of available tools to reach beyond the shores of the physical Sycamore presence in Ibadan. We take seriously reaching the unreached.

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Sycamore Connect

We embrace people from all works of life. Students (undergraduates and post-graduates), Married and corp members. These connects pay attention to peculiarities in the lives of people in these categories.

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Life Groups

Life groups give room for smaller clusters of fellowship and interaction between Sycamorians. Life groups builds the bond we preach everyday.

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Tolulope Moody

Lead Pastor

Sycamore Core Statement

K.I.S.S. It: Keep it Simple, Saints!

Never make it more complicated than it really is. Simplicity is style- it’s our style.

We Love Miniskirts

Make it long enough to cover the essential things, but short enough to be interesting. In effectively reaching a generation with a short attention span and clogged up in busy routines, we will continue to work on deploying miniskirts around everything. We will deliberately make services, meetings, programmes and events void of unnecessary traditions, unnecessary structuring and avoidable drags.

Eat the Fish- its filling; Why Worry About the Bones?

We readily admit that we might not understand everything about life and God, or be the soundest theologians of our day. We really might not have an applaudable position on every historical, contemporary or biblical controversy; but with the burden God has put in our hearts, we believe we have more than enough to run with! The simplicity of elevating people to see Jesus, of making him seen and famous in our generation is involving and fulfilling enough- why bother ourselves with what happened to dinosaurs?

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Sycamore Pixels


As a Church family, we would love to hear from you.

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Worship center

Havana Royale Hall,

Beside First Bank,

U.I. first gate, Ibadan.

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+234 909 1207 917

Sunday Service

Sundays 9am to 11am

Havana Royale Hall, Beside First Bank, U.I. first gate, Ibadan.

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+234 909 1207 917


20B Amina way University Of Ibadan.

Working Hours

Mon - Sat : 8:00 am to 5:30 pm